4 GRP personnel hide in Sangam Express train's toilet as robbers loot, kill passengers

Apr 02, 2014 11:44 AM IST | Updated on: Apr 02, 2014 11:44 AM IST

Four Government Reserve Police (GRP) personnel on-board Sangam Express train hid themselves in a toilet when over a dozen robbers got onto the train at Etawah and started looting passengers causing panic.

They reportedly shot dead two Meerut medical college students and a doctor for resisting robbery attempt. Three other doctors were also critically injured in the attack and have been referred to Saifai PGI hospital for treatment.

4 GRP personnel hide in Sangam Express train's toilet as robbers loot, kill passengers

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The incident took place on Monday when a group of robbers looted passengers in Sangam Express as the train reached Etawah, SSP had confirmed earlier.

The robbers got on to the train after their aides pulled the chain. They looted the passengers for around 1 hour and kept firing in between to instill fear among the passengers on-board so that they didn't retaliate.

Shockingly, when the robbers were busy thrashing passengers, firing and looting, four GRP personnel who should have confronted the miscreants and ensured safety of passengers went and hid themselves in the toilet.

It was only after the passengers forced them to fight the robbers and started snatching their rifles that they sprung into action and fired at the robbers.

However, as the retaliation by the GRP personnel came too late, the robbers had already succeeded in looting around Rs 5 lakh cash and had killed three people. They fled away in their motorbikes after looting the two bogies.

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